Power for Schools in HISD

The Houston Independent School District is changing the face of school fundraising with the POWER FOR SCHOOLS program.

Today, more than ever, schools need additional dollars to supplement their activity funds, which support the whole spectrum of extracurricular activities from arts to sports. Power For Schools is the innovative new program that makes it possible for students to learn and experience beyond the classroom environment. It does so through something that supporters use every day – electricity. And, there is no participation cost to the school or its supporters.

The traditional school fundraising method has been for schools to ask students to sell products such as candy, candles, wrapping paper, magazines, or cookie dough to their local community. Encouraging students to sell products is not a good use of their time, nor is it safe for children to sell items door-to-door. Most people, if not everyone, will welcome an end to the annual barrage and financial burden of purchasing products they do not want nor need.
No more unwanted products! Power For Schools is a tremendous alternative that eliminates the negative aspects of school fundraisers and still meets the goals of schools. It is easy to participate, and it is at no cost to supporters or the schools. Teachers and staff members welcome the program as a relief them from time-consuming product management and money collecting. Money is raised simply through the electricity supporters use every day.

The activity funds and additional money raised through this ground-breaking program are used by athletic teams, clubs and student groups for:
Power For Schools HISD

* Supplies, Materials & Equipment
* Entry Fees for Competitions,
* Resources for Events & Meetings
* Travel Expenses for Students
* Organization Memberships
* Scholarships

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Power for Schools HISD