Oregon Schools in Energy Civil War

Pitted against each other, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University campuses are swept up in the euphoria of the poignant Civil War football game. Beyond the competition, groups from both campuses have continued with cooperative efforts during a time where both schools remain steeped in anticipation of this rivalry game.

Benefiting students’ wellness and encouraging friendly sport, OSU’s Student Sustainability Initiative and U of O’s Office of Sustainability are sponsoring the “Energy Civil War.” The U of O Student Recreation Center and OSU’s Dixon Recreation Center have been counting the energy created by ReRev elliptical machines, 10 selected for competition in each facility.

According to the Ecologue, the Student Sustainability Initiative’s blog, the ReRev technology functions like solar inverters, taking DC power from the machines and converting it to AC power, fed back into the power grid.

“We chose this event in the past as something to highlight the technology implemented by both schools,” said Collette Conover, energy projects coordinator for the Students Sustainability Initiative. “The event was meant to spark students’ interests, and let students know we have these machines and that they are available year round.”

In its fourth year, the event afforded groups on campus an opportunity to show their support by “adopting” ReRev machines, taking responsibility for a ReRev machine for a selected day. Groups participating in the event included both the Student Sustainability Initiative and Recreational Sports, along with Women in Policy, the Japanese American Student Association and Diversity Development.

“Adoption of machines was our way of getting organizations involved, ensuring we can get a ton of students into it,” Conover said.

The event ends today at 5 p.m. and the Student Sustainability Center will post the final count of the reads tonight on the Ecologue blog website. As of Monday, the count had U of O ahead of OSU, 8100 watt-hours to 3500 watt-hours. Those interested should look for machines in Dixon’s Cardio Room 1 marked with Energy Civil War labels.

OSU also took on UO in the 11th annual Civil War Blood Drive, held from Nov. 1 to Nov. 17, sponsored by the American Red Cross, Lane Blood Center, OSU Alumni Association and the U of O Alumni Association. As a statewide campaign, the Civil War Blood Drive aimed to increase blood donations, requesting donors to submit ballots choosing OSU or U of O at all American Red Cross and Lane Blood Center blood drives in Oregon and Vancouver, Wa.

“With a lot of people leaving for the holidays, it’s important for that the state of Oregon has blood to send out of Oregon,” said Christi Kasten, associate director of operations and board relations for the OSU alumni association.

According to Kasten, during this season many people travel, and blood donation drops on their lists of priorities. Kasten attributes the success of the blood drive to the combination of efforts from both alumni and current students.

After receiving 8659 ballots, a record number in the 11 year history, U of O won with 4730 ballots to OSU’s 3929.

“In the end, everybody wins for what we are doing for the Red Cross,” Kasten said. “Both schools are known for giving back.”

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