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School Committee Meeting on Solar panels

Belmont, MA – At the Nov. 20 meeting, the School Committee moved that the School Department enter into negotiations with Broadway Electric of Boston for the installation of solar electric generating panels on the roof of the Wellington Elementary School. Co-chair of the Energy Committee, Roger Colton, gave a presentation on solar panel installation at

Oregon Schools in Energy Civil War

Pitted against each other, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University campuses are swept up in the euphoria of the poignant Civil War football game. Beyond the competition, groups from both campuses have continued with cooperative efforts during a time where both schools remain steeped in anticipation of this rivalry game. Benefiting students’ wellness

Donations Sought for Solar Panels on Worthington Schools

Worthington, OH – Thomas Van Cleef has launched a nonprofit corporation that aims to place solar panels on Worthington schools. With donations from companies and individuals, he hopes to allow seven schools to eventually receive free power from the sun. Solar, a Worthington-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was created specifically to fund and install large-scale

Wind turbine installed at Central High School

Woodstock, VA – After a lengthy process of filling out applications, finding funding and receiving permits, a permanent wind turbine was installed at Central High School on Monday afternoon. Back in 2010, teachers at the school learned about the Wind for Schools project, which educates a community on wind energy options while making wind data