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Langley Academy May Be The Ultimate Green School

The Ultimate Green School Langley Academy

From a biomass boiler to school-grown veg, Langley Academy has fully embraced sustainability. Headteacher Rhodri Bryant talks to Emma Drury about the school’s green ethos… How did the idea come about to make Langley Academy a sustainable project? Sustainability is very close to the heart of our sponsors and was always going to be key

Net Zero Schools – How Renewable Energy is Rescuing Schools From Budget Cuts

As the new Richardsville Elementary School rose from its foundations on a rural road north of Bowling Green, Ky., fourth-grader Colton Hendrick was watching closely. He would climb to the top of the playground equipment across the street and watch construction crews hauling in bamboo flooring and solar panels. “He wants to be an architect

Citizen Power Provides Free Sustainable Energy Training and Teaching Materials to Pennsylvania Educators

Pittsburg, PA – Over 1,000 Pennsylvania teachers will have received free teaching materials and hands-on training in renewable energy and energy efficiency as of the milestone November 14, 2012 Sustainable Energy Education Workshop being held by Citizen Power. Citizen Power, a non-profit environmental and consumer advocacy organization, started the Sustainable Energy Education Project in 2008

Mini-Hydro Power Station Changes Lives in Zimbabwe

Mutare South, Zimbabwe — Access to modern and cheap energy remains a pipe dream for most families in the rural areas across the country. But that is now a problem of the past for the rural community of Chipendeke in Mutare South, which is generating electricity from a micro-hydro project. The $75,000 project, a community