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Do Teachers Unions Lead the Way to Better Schools?

Do Teachers Unions Make For Better Schools

I have a concern: Teachers are getting pummeled. Too often, they are being demonized in the media and blamed by politicians for being the cause of bad schools. Right-wing governors, power-hungry mayors and corporate “reformers”—all ignoring root issues such as poverty and inequality—have scapegoated the people who have devoted their lives to educating our children.

Cyberbullying to be Addressed in School’s Bullying Policy

Claremore, OK — The Claremore Board of Education has decided to implement cyberbullying into the school district’s bullying policy. Cyberbullying is described as anyone using communication technology to support deliberate or repeated hostile behavior. It is many times anonymous and can rapidly become more intense as countless unknown others join in. According to the Anti-Defamation

PTA Supports Public Charter Schools but Opposes Amendment 1 in Georgia

The Parent Teacher Association supports public school choice and recognizes that public charter schools are an important component in providing a variety of education opportunities in our state. PTA supports multiple choices for education, including charter schools, provided the creation of the charter schools doesn’t adversely affect existing public education. Unfortunately, Amendment 1 isn’t about

Councils Should Have More Power Over Academies in UK

Councils Should Have More Power Over Academies

England – The Local Government Association has today called for councils to be given powers to monitor academy schools in areas where they now make up a majority of secondary schools. It warned that without this local supervisory role, standards could slip. Before the introduction of academies in England by the last Labour government, upper-tier