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Langley Academy May Be The Ultimate Green School

The Ultimate Green School Langley Academy

From a biomass boiler to school-grown veg, Langley Academy has fully embraced sustainability. Headteacher Rhodri Bryant talks to Emma Drury about the school’s green ethos… How did the idea come about to make Langley Academy a sustainable project? Sustainability is very close to the heart of our sponsors and was always going to be key

How The 2012 Farm Bill Cuts Impact School Lunches

School nutrition programs could still take a hit across the country. Those interested in school food reform should stay focused on the re-authorization of the Farm Bill (the most recent version of which is the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008) because both the bill itself, and the timing of when Congress gets back

Maine School District Makes Energy-saving Pledge

North Berwixk, ME – MSAD 60 (the school district for the towns of Berwick, North Berwick, and Lebanon, Maine) joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign by enabling the power management, or sleep mode, on their computers, monitors and photocopying equipment. This simple step will help reduce the nation’s growing

Austin Independant School District Addresses Inequity in School Funding

The Austin school district announced Monday that it will partner with a nonprofit company to allocate funding and resources to its schools more equitably, based on the individual needs of students instead of formulas tied to staffing levels set by the administration. The company, Education Resource Strategies, has worked with Los Angeles, Denver and several