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Langley Academy May Be The Ultimate Green School

The Ultimate Green School Langley Academy

From a biomass boiler to school-grown veg, Langley Academy has fully embraced sustainability. Headteacher Rhodri Bryant talks to Emma Drury about the school’s green ethos… How did the idea come about to make Langley Academy a sustainable project? Sustainability is very close to the heart of our sponsors and was always going to be key

Biomass Powers Hydration Station at School in Moraga, CA

Biomass Power for School in Moraga

Moraga, CA – Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School installed its first “Hydration Station” at the school last month, and paid for it from savings the school achieved by diverting food waste and turning it into electrical energy. The new Hydration Station is an automatic water dispenser for water bottles that turns on when it senses a

Biomass Considered for Electric Power Generation

Fairbanks, AK — As energy costs increase in rural Alaska, biomass is being considered as a replacement for diesel fuel to produce heat and electricity in many rural and Bush communities. Other forms of energy also are being evaluated for applicability in various areas of Alaska. Forest biomass is used to heat the Delta and